DEt. tom tyler mysteries

Author Maureen Jennings has had tremendous success in co-creating highly successful and entertaining television content. First, she wrote the novels that the popular series The Murdoch Mysteries is based on. Then, she struck again co-creating the concept for the acclaimed series Bomb Girls. Now she's at it again with the Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mysteries. In this series set during Word War Two, mystery meets espionage, a combination that guarantees an intriguing mix of high-stakes drama and thrilling tension.  

Season one, Season of Darkness, opens with the death of a young and spirited Land Girl from the East End of London who has been working hard and enjoying the independence of country life. Detective Inspector Tom Tyler – troubled, brooding, handsome – diligently peels away the layers of deception that surround her murder and, in the process, reveals the secrets of young and broken soldiers suffering from PTSD, including his own son, and the intrigues of the nearby internment camp inhabited by German nationals living in England when the war broke out. Clare Devereau mysteriously re-appears in Tyler’s life, “doing her part” by serving as an interpreter at the camp. He soon realizes her involvement is more complex and, with the long-held structures of English society collapsing under their feet, he wonders what the future holds for them and if they can rekindle their flame.  

Other seasons in the series are based on Jennings' books Beware This Boy, No Known Grave and Dead Ground in Between

Pelee Entertainment President Heidi Lasi says, “In William Murdoch, Maureen Jennings’ imagination gave birth to perhaps the most iconic literary detective Canada has ever known. Now with Tom Tyler and Clare Devereau, she’s given us equally fascinating, complex characters and a setting that will allow us a fresh look at a shared chapter in English and Canadian history.”

Author Maureen Jennings adds, "Tom is a flawed man but he has a deep commitment to law and order. The inherent lawlessness of wartime is a dire test for him." 

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Maureen Jennings, Author

Maureen Jennings, born in Birmingham, emigrated to Canada with her family as a teen.

In her varied and exciting career, she's been an English teacher at Ryerson, a psychotherapist and, in her most exciting role to-date, a best-selling author and co-creator of excellent television programming. 

She has a deep and abiding love for all things Victorian as can be seen in her writing, first with William Murdoch and now with Detective Inspector Tom Tyler.  

Maureen is meticulous in her research and then brings her findings to bear in the multilayered and captivating characters she brings to life, in the authentic and compelling settings she creates, and in the thrilling and murderous plots she fascinates readers and viewers alike with. 

HEIDI LASI, producer

An award-winning writer and producer, Heidi started her career in film and television in the camera department. She brings a keen eye for detail and commitment to the highest of quality to all of her productions. 

An avid mystery fan, she fell in love with Detective Inspector Tom Tyler and is excited and dedicated to bringing him - and his world - to life. 

Watch this space in the coming months for more news on the project.

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