Pelee Entertainment is a film, television and digital media company whose work is garnering accolades across North America. The company produces drama, documentary and branded entertainment for television, theatrical and digital release. Founded by award-winning producer and writer Heidi Lasi, Pelee Entertainment is on track to become a strong creative and strategic force in the market and is positioning itself to be a leading global player in entertainment. 

Pelee Entertainment is actively exploring new relationships and partnerships that will bring growth and success to the company. With a reputation for collaborating on successful co-productions and securing financing to bring projects to market, the company is succeeding in its quest to be a trusted source for high-quality, award-winning television series and feature films. 


In development

Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mysteries

Sgt. Winston Windflower Mysteries

Civil Wars

Dot Org

Seven Year Itch

Hieronymus Bakelite

Tip of the History   

In distribution

The Oasis Affair, Executive Producer/Director, 2015

Brothel Justice, Producer, 2008

Paddle Quest, Producer, 1999 - Winner at the WaterWalker Film Festival

Trenton Nation, Writer, 1995 - Winner of the TVO Telefest Writing Award