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The Oasis Affair, a documentary financed by BravoFACTUAL in their inaugural round of funding, has won kudos for its compelling storytellling, relentless pacing and cinematic style.  

Synopsis: A woman in Montreal sells her ad agency to start a small business of skincare products called Olivia's Oasis so she can spend more time with her young family. She is overwhelmed with Lassonde Inc., Quebec's food giant and manufacturers of Oasis juices, takes on Deborah in a legal battle over the use of the word "oasis" in her company name. Over the next seven years, she is divorced, deals with her children's illnesses and falls in love, all while dealing with her court case, how to pay her lawyers, and the ensuing appeal. When all seems lost, the activists of Quebec get involved, and the case is set on a whole new course and the court of public opinion, via social media, brings down the final verdict in less than 24 hours. 

The Oasis Affair was screened at festivals across North America in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Hamilton where it was nominated for Best Documentary. Nathan Fleet, Festival Founder, stated, "I've watched hundreds of documentaries and The Oasis Affair is among the best. It's everything a documentary should be." 

It was recently selected for the National Screen Institute's (NSI) Online Short Film Festival. 


the oasis affair team 

Writer/Director: Heidi Lasi 

DOP: Michael Tien

Editor: Matt West

Subjects: Deborah Kudzman, Ian Lee, Normand Painchaud, Teresa Scassa, Christiane Desjardins

Producers: Heidi Lasi, Lisa Nault, Sarah Fodey, Patrick McGowan, Pelee Entertainment, inMotion Production Group
Funder: bravoFACT