The men, women and children who live in HARM’S WAY are forced to make desperate choices every day, even as they hold on to theIR hopes and dreams of a better future.

HARM’S WAY features doctors in two of the principal roles - but make no mistake. This is not your typical medical series.

In this genre-busting and disruptive TV drama, the characters in HARM’S WAY take to the streets to deal with the systemic issues facing tens of millions of Americans every day — poverty, violence, underfunded schools, corruption, street gangs, drug addiction, and mental illness.


DR. CARRIE JACKSON and former Marine DR. ANTOINE LENNOX return to Harm’s Way after a decade and realize that the problems they saw growing up here are worse than ever.  Determined to stay, they set up a mobile medical practice, despite the fact that every call they make takes them into life-threatening situations that challenge the limits of their compassion, humanity, and life experience. TREY LENNOX, a gangbanger turned businessman, joins them.

Trey, Antoine’s brother and Carrie’s first love, stayed in Harm’s Way and uses his connections and influence as a power broker in the neighborhood to smooth the way. But there’s nothing any of them can do to shield them from the fall out of the dark secret that drove them apart and continues to haunt them — the still unsolved murder one of them committed during their final year of high school.

  • Selected by the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) for the trade mission, including pitches to broadcasters to Los Angeles, 2018

  • Chosen for the FIN (Strategic Partners) market in Halifax, 2018


Sharon Buckingham, a screenwriter, producer, and story editor of award-winning productions in television and features, is well-known for creating unforgettable characters and driving plots forward with perfectly-timed action and incisive dialogue. Her work has premiered on screens, large and small, in countries around the world.

 She is the creator, writer, and co-producer on STICKS AND STONES, a television movie for CTV which won prestigious awards, including:

·       Shaw Rocket Prize for Best Canadian Family TV program

·       Best Foreign Film at the Los Angeles International Family Film Festival

In addition, it was nominated for Gemini and Canadian Indy Awards as best movie for television and the show’s director, George Mihalka, was nominated for a Gemini.

 Sharon worked as a story editor and writer on the long-running US/Canada/Australia television series BEASTMASTER and also as a script consultant on the CBC series REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.

 She created and is developing HARM’S WAY, an original medical drama series for television. With high stakes drama, compelling characters, taking place

 Sharon’s feature film credits include the Genie Award Best Picture nominee TO WALK WITH LIONS (starring Richard Harris) and OWD BOB (James Cromwell). She was also an uncredited writer on features NICO THE UNICORN and FOR HIRE. Her treatment for the comedy SWEET DREAMS was funded through Telefilm’s Writer’s First program.

 Sharon has also acted as story editor on several feature scripts.

 One of the original students of Syd Field, she is now on the faculty of the newly-established Syd Field Academy of Screenwriting and has, for several years, taught Screenwriting and Writing for Film and Television courses at Algonquin College and led screenwriting workshops for the Summer Institute of Film & Television, Inuit Broadcasting Company, and the PEI Screenwriters Boot Camp.


An award-winning writer and producer, Heidi is known for her collaborative approach, her keen eye for compelling and dramatic storytelling, and her commitment to excellence. She fell in love with HARM’S WAY the moment Sharon first spoke with her about the project, stating, “These characters and the world they live in tell an incredible story of modern-day America. The men, women, and children who live in HARM’S WAY are forced to make desperate choices every day, even as they hold on to the hopes and dreams of a better future. These stories must be told.”

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