While on a book tour across North America, Oscar Wilde meets Frances Elwood-Richards, Canadian artist, early feminist and the favoured daughter of an upper class family. Oscar and Frances have a have a brief, torrid affair. She breaks off her engagement with her fiancé, a respectable and well-connected but dreary lawyer, to chase Wilde across Paris and London, having fallen madly in love with him. Their relationship burns bright then fades, again and again. She is devastated when he marries another woman but proves to be a stalwart friend when he faces criminal charges as a result of his homosexuality.

  • Long-listed by the National Screen Institute's Features First program, 2016 
  • Short-listed by the Harold Greenberg Script Development Program, 2017. They write: "In Victorian Canada, an artist tenaciously loves Oscar Wilde, enduring his marriage to another woman and then coping with his emerging homosexual lifestyle, until she is forced to change to realize what true happiness really is. Phenomenal character development with exposition well disguised in the dialogue, the script's pacing is steady, well orchestrated and crafted. This important, little-known Canadian artist's story would be a perfect fit for a CBC/BBC movie or mini-series." 
Frances (centre, blue dress) studied painting at the Académie Julian in Paris, where women were allowed to enroll (unlike the École des Beaux-Arts).  

Frances (centre, blue dress) studied painting at the Académie Julian in Paris, where women were allowed to enroll (unlike the École des Beaux-Arts).  



Scriptwriter York Davis is a lifelong performer. He sings, acts, and writes for stage and screen. His script, Frances Loves Oscar Wilde, was optioned by Pelee Entertainment and is winning kudos in many places. It's entertaining, and shines a light on an important but little-known Canadian artist and provides a new and engaging perspective on one of literature's greatest, and most misunderstood, heroes. The script was shortlisted by the Harold Greenberg Script Fund in 2017 and, as a result, York will be attending the Toronto Screenwriters Conference. 

heidi lasi

An award-winning writer and producer, Heidi is known for her collaborative approach, her keen eye for compelling and dramatic storytelling, and her commitment to excellence. She was attracted to York's script for Frances Loves Oscar Wilde immediately, stating, "The premise is compelling and the execution, in the script, is excellent, pulling us along on this amazing adventure. The themes are timeless and important. It's an amazing story of love and of friendship in, I think, its most heroic form, of standing by the people you love, no matter what. It's also a story of how much life has changed since the 19th century and yet, in some ways, how much it has stayed the same, how the things that connect us and bind us over our lifetimes have stayed essentially the same. And that's why I think this film is so important."  

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