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Pelee Entertainment is a film, television and digital media company whose work is garnering accolades across North America. The company produces drama, documentary and branded entertainment for television, theatrical and digital release. Founded by award-winning producer and writer Heidi Lasi, Pelee Entertainment is on track to become a strong creative and strategic force in the market and is positioning itself to be a leading global player in entertainment. 


our latest news

November 15, 2017 - Pelee Entertainment is thrilled to announce it has won the Best Documentary award at the OWTFF Film Festival in Toronto for The Oasis Affair. OWTFF celebrates ingenuity, craft, and creativity in filmmaking around the world with entrants and winners from China, the Czech Republic, United States, Canada, and many other countries.

Director/Producer Heidi Lasi says, "Being selected by OWTFF is an honour and attending the festival was an amazing experience: meeting filmmakers from around the world was a highlight and very inspiring." 

The Oasis Affair was financed by BravoFactual/BellMedia and co-produced by Pelee Entertainment and Pat McGowan of inMotion. 



the Oasis Affair

A Montreal businesswoman's life is turned upside down when she is sued by a giant manufacturer in a David and Goliath battle over her company's name. Social media comes to the rescue. 

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Civil Wars

A look into groundbreaking high-stakes civil cases as told by the people directly involved - and affected: law enforcement officers and lawyers, plaintiffs and defendants, family members and expert witnesses.  

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frances loves oscar wilde

"In Victorian Canada, an artist tenaciously loves Oscar Wilde, enduring his marriage to another woman and then coping with his emerging homosexual lifestyle, until she is forced to change to realize what true happiness really is. Phenomenal character development with exposition well disguised in the dialogue..."

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